Washburn Computer Consulting, Inc.
Specializing in IBM Power Systems, iSeries, and AS/400 Systems
Milwaukee Area:  414-587-9098
Waukesha Area:  262-363-9098
Fox Valley Area:  920-787-1996

website:  www.washburnccinc.com

Email   : info@washburnccinc.com                   
"Washburn Computer Consulting has been heavily involved in
many project related activities as well as aiding in supporting our
current applications, such as BPCS. They have very strong
analytical skills, in-depth programming knowledge, solid AS/400
system knowledge and strong communication skills"  

Karen - IS Application Development & Support Manager
These are just a few of the many comments we have received
from clients over the years. If you would like a copy of the full
recommendation letter just contact us and we would be happy to
send you one.
"Kevin has been working at our company from April, 2006.  His
responsibilities include developing programming interfaces
between BPCS applications and third party applications,
interviewing functional team members for final program specs,
installing and customizing software and working closely with
vendors and users during the test and implementation phases of
our ERP project.  Kevin has endured 3 leadership changes and
has adapted and fit in with all three. He has become the go to guy
in the IT department that people could trust. His leadership when
needed has proved invaluable to our company and to me as a
CFO. His dedication to our users and company has never been

I continue to be impressed by Kevin’s ability to complete all tasks
assigned to him on time on a consistent basis time after time. His
work is always thorough and his programs and analysis were
always tested prior to implementation.  We rely on his experience
and follow through with not only our business analysts but with
our divisional functional team members during many phases of
our ERP implementation.  His documentation is clear, concise and

Overall, Kevin is a very conscientious and effective team player.  I
certainly believe he brings good people skills to the team, as well
as the dedication necessary to make a project successful.  I
strongly recommend Kevin to any company in need of help.

Stan W.  CFO – Wagner Companies        Milwaukee, WI
"Washburn Computer Consulting has worked with our company
since 1999 and I would highly recommend them. They have solid
knowledge of the iSeries System and our BPCS 6.2 ERP software
and they have played a key role in keeping our system up and
running.  Both Kevin and Audrey have done quality work for us."  

Roger - Information Systems Manager
"Washburn Computer Consulting has done a good job in all
aspects of our projects. They are very talented on the operating
software side of the IBM AS/400 and project management. I
received compliments on their abilities from management and
staff personnel"  

Linda G.- Programming Manager
"Washburn Computer Consulting has worked with our company
since 1998. They have always been able to help us in anything
related to our homegrown software system. They go the extra mile
to take care of our company's computing needs. I would
recommend them to any company that is seeking qualified and
trustworthy IT professionals."  

Adrian - Information Technology Manager